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If I Was President Of Somalia

Watch Yasin and Aziza discuss about Somalia Independence. Global Somalia

2 days ago

Muqdisho Munaasabadda 1 Da Luulyo

Muqdisho Munaasabadda 1 Da Luulyo. Somalia Indepence Day!

5 days ago

Daawo Nabada Magalad Moqdisho

Daawo Nabada Magalad Moqdisho. Video Aad Ku Soo Jiidan Doono Alow Nabada Noo Siyaadi

1 week ago

Take me to Eyl | Eyl ii geeya | PART 2

Mukhtar Nuur is back With Part 2 of Eye II Geya . Watch the latest Video Blog Ely. Watch more…

3 months ago

Mukhtar Nuur – Take me to Eyl

Mukhtar Nuur is back. Watch the latest Video Blog Ely. Watch more recommended series and Videos Here

3 months ago

International Somali Awards | Exclusive Red Carpet Interviews

Watch 2018 International Somali Awards red carpet interviews, speech, and winners.

3 months ago

Somali Wa Aftakher Behind the Scene

Mukhtar Nuur behind the scene Somali Wa Aftakher

6 months ago

Mogadishu, Somalia (Tour)

MOGADISHU , SOMALIA ( inspired by Mukhtar Nuur ) comment down below what you think of this video hoos ku…

9 months ago

First Live Attempt From Mogadishu | Si Toos Ah | #MukhtarNuur

Our Favorite Vblogger Mukhtar Nuur is back exploring Mogadishu.   Al-Basiir School, first Somali school devoted to the visually impaired…

10 months ago