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2016 The Year That Was | Mukhtarnuur

Best vblogger in somalia follow his journey

Daawo Nabada Magalad Moqdisho

Daawo Nabada Magalad Moqdisho. Video Aad Ku Soo Jiidan Doono Alow Nabada Noo Siyaadi

First Live Attempt From Mogadishu | Si Toos Ah | #MukhtarNuur

Our Favorite Vblogger Mukhtar Nuur is back exploring Mogadishu.   Al-Basiir School, first Somali school devoted to the visually impaired was designed to concentrate on the extraordinary adapting needs of youngsters and youth with visual hindrances or visual impairment.   If you want to help Al-Basiir School please donate by: Permata & PGPF Contact Numbers: 0615512017 […]